About Svelte Sirens

Svelte Sirens logo, gradient cyan to dark teal siren head with the Svelte S logo in the middle.

The Svelte Sirens are a Svelte Society that focuses on supporting the women and non-binary people in the Svelte community. However, we welcome anyone who follows the code of conduct and is an ally to those people to attend our events and be active participants. Being an ally means that you are kind and respectful to the community. Every day, in every country in the world, women and non-binary people are confronted by discrimination and inequality. It can be tough for women and nonbinary people to constantly educate or be subjected to questions, so one of the best ways to be an ally is to educate yourself on the basics of gender identity, expression, and inequality, so that you can better support others.

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The original idea for the Svelte Sirens came from Shawn Wang (aka Swyx) realizing there was a need to support the women and non-binary people inside the Svelte community akin groups like the Vue Vixens, Frontend Foxes, and React Robins. Brittney Postma stepped up to found the Svelte Sirens in September of 2021, designing and working on the site while reaching out to others to join. Willow, who does open source and works at Gitpod, came on to help soon after the group was formed. Steph Dietz is a dev rel at Vercel for Svelte and wants to be more involved with the Svelte community. The 3 of us organize all of the Events, help out in the Discord, and support all of the women and non-binary people in the Svelte community. Please reach out to any of us directly or email SvelteSirens@gmail.com if you ever encounter a problem or issue against the code of conduct in our community. Welcome!